Missing Perk Info Needed

This page has been created for you to submit to us if you have not received your Perk from Campaign 1 or 2.

Some of our wonderful contributors have not received their Perks because we are waiting on the social media username -


(If you Donated for an Insta Pic , we need your Instagram Handle to send it to you. 


if you Donated for a Facebook message or Twitter Follow we will need your Username)

If you ordered a Physical item Perk, please list which Campaign you donated/contributed to and which Perk you are waiting to receive for your contribution.

You are required to include a receipt number from Indiegogo. You can find the receipt information listed under your Indiegogo contributions.


You can also email us directly at missingperks@gmail.com 

instead of completing the form.

​We would like to thank each and every one of you who donated/contributed to the campaigns. Each of you are part of helping Corey achieve his dream.

​Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we move forward to make sure all Perks are fulfilled.

Thank you so much,

Angelic 2 The Core

Success! Message received.