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Dawn Clarkson

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Gina Pape

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Gina Pape

Twitter: Ginapapecbds

Attended: Angelic 2 the Mini Tour 

March 25, 2017

Tremont, IL 

Diesel Dicks

Me at my bday bash with my friend.
The 1 out of two real friends who showed up. Ty corey. My night was happy bcuz of u

I'm forever blessed 2 be a part of a loving caring family. Who has taught me a lot. And included me as their own.

Date:  March 25, 2017
Loc:  Tremont, IL
Mini Tour

I was so excited to go see Corey Feldman & the Angels perform that night!  
When we arrived, we stood in line along with the rest of the lucky ones 
who were able to get tix in advance!  We were told Corey was running late 
& then it started to rain.  I was not about to leave.  When the Angelic RV 
showed up, we were so relieved they were finally there!  Turns out, Angelic 
RV wanted to be difficult and break down!  Haha I was very impressed that 
Corey & the Angels still arrived and ready to play for us!  Others would have cancelled!  
When they took the stage, it brought me back to my childhood..showing the movie clips I
grew up with and playing the songs I've loved forever it seems!  Wishing I was Lainie in 
Dream A Little Dream (mostly because I crushed hard on Corey LOL!).  

Then, they started to play and I felt like I was in a movie or something.  
The whole performance was amazing and something I will always remember.  
This show is forever in my heart at the top of my list!  Highlights were 
Corey singing "Cry Little Sister", "Walk", "Ascension Millennium", 
"Billy Jean"...Courtney singing "Good Enough" and Margot's solo! 
The M&G was afterwards, and by that time it was about 3AM!  
I still can't believe they all stayed out so late to say hi to everyone! 
Meeting Corey & Courtney after the concert was something I can't put into words.  
Like meeting a long lost friend lol!  I shook their hands and Corey signed 
my Dream A Little Dream movie - I asked for a hug and told him that he is an inspiration.  
It's the #truth and always will be!  Thank you, Corey & all the Angels!  
Hope to see you guys at another concert soon!  Keep the positive energy going! :)


Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman and the Angels tour review 


Friday May 26, 2017 – Karova, San Antonio, Texas 


By Desiree Sevindir (from Australia) 

I don’t even know how to start this review? It was one of the most amazing experiences and one of the best nights in my life! I have always wanted to see Corey Feldman since I was 10 years old and never thought I would get the opportunity to see Corey in person.  I had been talking to Corey on twitter since early this year and he is the only celebrity I know that takes the time and replies to all the fans. I knew there was a connection and the more tweets I got the more excited I got. I knew I had to go and see him somewhere. Then I discovered Corey is in a band called “Angelic 2 Core” and I saw that he was touring the USA in May which happened to be the same time I had booked my holidays. I was looking at the tour dates hoping I would find a date that would fit into my schedule. I was almost blown away to see a date on May 26 which happens to be the day before my birthday! I knew I had to go to the show & had to change my travel itinerary to do a trip to San Antonio. I was excited to visit Texas as I haven’t been but then I knew my schedule was very tight as I had planned to spend my birthday at Disneyland which is on my travel bucket list. I gathered I can fly to San Antonio for 2 nights for the show and then fly back to Los Angeles on the Saturday (May 27) I knew I couldn’t leave the USA without going to Corey’s show, even if I had to change my flights I would still do it. I’m relieved it wasn’t the weekend before as I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma to see my fave band.

I got the tickets to see Corey and then realized they had VIP meet and greet tickets and I was flipped out as I had a chance to finally meet my idol of 28 years! I was so excited I couldn’t stop talking about it! I knew this was going to be the best birthday on my life. I also found a Corey friend Debbie who lives an hour from San Antonio from twitter and we decided to go to the show together! Its amazing how one person can bring people together. Deb and I were talking for months and we were both excited to finally see Corey. We were counting down the days. I booked my rturn flights from Los Angeles to San Antonio and it started to feel real.  

I had no idea Corey was going to be at Alamo City Comic Con on the Friday until I arrived into San Antonio and I saw people wearing the Comic Con tshirt. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this and I never looked into it before I booked my flights. The guys at the airport said the Goonies trio will be there and I had a look at the guest list and saw Corey would be there and I Got more excited! I also saw that Sean Astin and Ke Quay from the goonies was going to be there too! I have never been so excited before as I love the goonies & I found out there’s going to be a Goonies trio photo and I knew I had to get one! This is very rare and I don’t see this happening in Australia. I was planning a sightseeing day on Friday 26 May but instead I did some sightseeing on the Thursday night (the day I arrived) for a few hours which was great but I wish I had flown in the day before so I would have had another day of sightseeing.  I was so excited about the Friday as I would see Corey & the Goonies trio at Comic con and then Corey’s concert that night. I went and brought my photo token online as I didn’t want to miss out. On Friday morning Deb and I went into Comic Con and joined the queue to get in. I was very excited to experience Comic con in the USA for the first time as I always go to the ones in Australia so it was good to compare it. I looked at the schedule and my group photo was at 4pm and the Goonies panel was at 2pm. We walked around and looked at the different booths and then I came across the goonies one and could see Sean Astin signing for fans. I was excited to see Sean again as I had seen him in Sydney last year and he was suppose to be at Supanova in Melbourne last month but he cancelled. I had met Sean and got his autograph and photo. I didn’t plan on getting it this time as I was focused on getting Ke Quay’s autograph as I haven’t met him. I also had to watch my budget. I walked past Corey’s autograph signing area and he wasn’t there. I thought that I was cheating that I would see and meet Corey before the Concert & the VIP. I thought it would be great to see him before so I wouldn’t be nervous to meet him after the show. I went to the Goonies Panel and lined up for an hour before so we could get a good seat and it was worth it as we were 6 rows from the front. I was sitting down with Deb and knew that I would freak out when Corey made his way to the front. Sean was there first and sat down in the middle and he was the spokes person lol he never stops talking. I looked to my right and there I see Corey walking towards the front. I freaked out and couldn’t believe that I was in the same room as Corey. I couldn’t stop staring at him and I was way too excited. Ke Quay came as well and they were all talking. I Really enjoyed the Panel and to see all 3 of them up there is very rare. I took a few pics and filmed for a few mins. I was calm afterwards and then I headed back to the autograph section and got Ke’s Autograph I asked him to record a message to me and he said “happy birthday”. I was so excited I met Ke and told him that I am from Australia and how much I Love the goonies. I told him I was going to the goonies photo and he said he would see me there. I saw Corey sign next to Ke and I was thinking of getting him to sign my Goonies photo but then I didn’t’ want to ruin my meet and greet that night so I didn’t and plus Corey’s autograph line was very long and I had no patience to wait. I was thinking of getting Sean to sign my Goonies photo as it would have been perfect but his line was long as well and plus I got 2 autographs last year and it wasn’t my priority. I also didn’t want to blow my budget. We walked around for another hour and then I lined up for my Goonies photo. I have never been so excited in my life to meet the Goonies trio. I knew this would never happen in Australia and a once in a life time opportunity. I also knew that I would get 2 photo’s with Corey [Symbol] I waited over 40 mins and my turn was up. I had no idea what to say to Corey as he was my focus. I knew this was a great opportunity to calm my nervous before the VIP that night.  I saw them all lined up getting photos with fans and I took a deep breath and I walked up to them, I told Corey I was the one from Australia and he said “Your Jamie right”? And I said “No I’m desiree” and then we quickly posed for our photo! I told Sean Astin that I saw him in Sydney last year and he said “Oh Yes I was suppose to be in Melbourne but I had to cancel” and then I had to quickly leave and I told Corey “I will see you tonight” and he said “Yep” or “Yeah”. I didn’t want to take up too much time as I knew photos at Comic Con are rushed. I walked out and I was so happy. I acted fine around Corey and he was just a normal person. I thought I would be star struck but I was fine. I looked at my photo and it turned out perfect. I couldn ‘t have asked for a better photo. Seeing Corey at the Goonies panel calmed me down and I knew he was just a normal person. 


I walked out of Comic Con and I was so happy. Deb and I went to the dinner and then to our hotel to get ready for corey’s concert that night. I couldn’t be any more happier.  I am so lucky this all happened on the Friday and not the Saturday as I woud have been guttered to miss out.



I was getting ready for Corey’s show tonight and had no idea what to wear but wore my golden lace dress as I knew how hot it was outside and it would be a lot hotter inside.  Tonights show is the last of the Angelic 2 Core tour for the season. I knew it had to be extra special and happy to be able to attend the show. 


We got to the venue – The Korova around  7:30pm and stood in line with Deb. Security asked me if I had VIP and I said yes and he said to stand in a separate line and there were only 6 people in front of me. I had no idea there was a separate line for the VIP which was a bonus as we got in before the others. The doors opened at 8pm and we walked in and I went straight to the front of the stage and I got my position. I was so excited to get front row and knew I had the perfect spot for Corey’s show. My friend Jade went to Corey’s show in April and told me that he’s on stage around 930pm so I was happy to wait an hour. I gathered the show will be done by 11:30 and by the time I meet Corey it would be after midnight which would be my birthday and all would go according to plan. Keeping in mind that it was already my birthday in Australia and friends are posting Bday messages on my FB wall. It was 930pm and then it was 1030, I was getting furious when Corey would come on and if we were going to have a support act. I had no idea why I was wearing my heels as it killed my feet so I took them off. I got a drink at the bar and patiently waited for Corey. I was very tired and was about to fall asleep and I tweeted Corey to pls hurry up and we were waiting and Corey tweeted back to say I need to wait longer LOL. I was so bored and had no idea what to do until Corey came on.  

The venue was a small club and the stage was tiny. I like small venues as it makes the show more intimate.  


Corey finally came on at 11:30pm and wow what an entrance. The first thing I noticed was Corey’s shoes were lighting up.  I felt great as I had already seen Corey a few times so I was calm and was happy to see him on stage. It felt very weird to see Corey sing but it was great. I loved the introduction and the first song Corey sung. I haven’t got Corey’s CD’s so I didn’t really know his songs but I did download his EP on ITunes so I could get an idea of what his music is like. He had so much energy on stage and he reminded me of Michael Jackson. He would never stand still on stage and kept moving up and down and I had the best view! He saw me at the front and grabbed my hand and smiled! This is the moment where I freak out but I was so excited.  His voice was great and he is a great singer. I enjoyed seeing the Angel’s on stage with Corey and to see Courtney DJ.  It didn’t sink in until later that Corey Feldman was right in front of me. I couldn’t stop taking photos and videos of the show! Half way through the show Corey announced a special guest and I was thinking if the Sean and Ke would be there supporting Corey and the special guest happens to be Ke. It was amazing to see them both on stage having a chat and Corey yelled out “Data’s in the house and the first time he was on stage. The crowd went wild. I was excited to see Data again but I had already seen him but if I didn’t I would have been more excited.  The rest of the show was great, I liked how Corey changed outfits and let his hair down during the show, he was like a true rock star! Corey’s energy level was great and really entertained the crowd. I was so lucky to witness the whole concert at the front of the stage. I really enjoyed the Michael Jackson Tribue as well as the Corey Haim Tribute. I couldn’t help but have tears in my eye as I loved Corey Haim and knew that he would be so proud to see his best friend on stage. I really enjoyed Corey’s performance of  “Cry little Sister”. I have to adjust I almost died when Corey took his shirt off LOL it was a bit overwhelming hahaha. I love how Corey interacted with the crowd during the whole 2 hours.  I also loved it when they sung Stand by me and Corey was playing drums! It was great.  Corey is very talented and can act, dance and play the drums! What amazing talent. I am so happy I got to see all this. 


I had no idea the concert went past midnight which was the start to my big birthday celebration. The concert was over by 1:30am and I have to say this is the latest concert I have been to so I didn’t mind at all. After the show the fans formed the VIP line and Deb and I got in line, I think I was the 16th person which was fine by me. I was so focused on getting in the VIP line to meet Corey that I toally forgot about merchandise. Corey mentioned that they had trouble with flights into San Antonio and the flight lost the luggage that had all the merch. I had no idea the merch had made it to the venue and it was very close to where I was standing. I totally forgot about it and that was the last thing on my mind. I was disappointed I didn’t walk off with Corey’s CD as I really wanted to buy it in the USA. Oh well I have to order it some other time. Deb and I waited about 30-40 mins to meet Corey and it was already 2am. Lucky I had make up in my bag and applied it so I can look good in my photo. I was so tired but I knew I had to be awake. I knew I was only going to get 2 hours sleep or less as I had a wake up call at 4:30am to make my way to the airport. We finally moved down the stairs and I could see Corey meeting other fans. I was calm and normal as I had met Corey earlier that day at comic con so I was fine! As I got closer to the area he was sitting he saw me and smiled. He knew who I was. I couldn’t help but blush.  I got closer in line and Deb was infront of me and she got her concert ticket signed and got her photo. I don’t know why but Corey took off his sunglasses off during the photo and his eyes were closed in her photo.  It was finally my turn and I handed my camera to the person taking photos and as soon as I headed towards Corey we got our picture taken first. The first thing I said to Corey was “you know who I am” and he was like “Oh wow how are you”?? I said I’m good how are you”? He asked me if I enjoyed the show and if it was everything I thought it would be and I said “Yes it was amazing”. I handed him the Goonies Trio photo to get signed and he said looked at the photo and said Sean Astin was suppose to be the special guest at his but he was sick and couldn’t make it. He signed the autograph above the photo and I asked him to write “Happy Birthday” and he did. He asked me if I was coming to Comic con tomorrow and I said I can’t as I’m heading back to LA and he said “Ohhh your heading back to LA”? I said “Yes I’m going to Disneyland” and he said “Your going to Disneyland”? I told him I wanted to stay but I was on a tight schedule. I asked him if he could also sign my goonies photo that Ke Quay signed and he said he could only sign one thing? I told him thanks for everything and see you next time. I walked off with my signed autograph that was personalized to my name. I was very happy and I looked at my photo and it turned out perfect. I couldn’t believe I had a conversation with Corey Feldman. The meet and greet wasn’t rushed in any way,  I really enjoyed talking to Corey. It was an amazing feeling that Corey knew who I was and that we’ve been talking on Twitter for months and months up to this day and then he recognized me as I was approaching him. It was the best feeling in the world! I couldn’t be happier. I was going to get Corey to sign my birthday card I got before I left Australia and then at the last minute I wanted him to sign my photo instead as I knew the goonies photo was the best photo. Deb and I went back to the hotel room and I had to do last minute packing and got to bed by 3am. I knew I had to get up in 90 mins and head back to the airport to head back to Los Angeles. It was already my birthday in America so I was so excited and I couldn’t stop buzzing from the concert. I had 90 mins sleep and I was exhausted. Friday was one of the best days in my life. Everything went according to plan, I’m so happy I went to Comic Con to see Corey and the others and going to Corey’s concert that night was amazing! I couldn’t have been anymore happier and it was a night to remember and to mark one of the best birthday’s in my life!

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