June 09, 2017

Hard Rock Hotel And Casino
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


Will Fredericks & Annie Fredericks

Twitter: @Bigwill619Will 

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On Friday Night June 9th, Corey Feldman & The Angels Kicked Off Corey's Heavenly Tour: Angelic 2 The U.S. Summer Tour 2017 with a Rockin' Show at Vinyl in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.     


Corey did not disappoint the excited crowd and gave them a show unlike anything he has done before with Video's, Lazer's, Bubble's and Movie Clips that went along with his High Powered Set.     


Corey Feldman & The Angels Rocked the Vegas crowd with a 2 1/2 hour set of 27 songs including songs never played live before like "Lethal Lolita" where Angels Margot & Jemina Rocked the Solo & Showed the Excited Crowd that these Angels can play and are here to stay!     


Corey asked the crowd if they wanted to hear more and introduced his young guitarist Angel Jimena who's Blazing Guitar Solo was followed with an Eruption of Cheers.     


After almost 2 hours Corey changed everything up and broke it down in to a five piece Acoustic Set which had the crowd ready for more.. Corey came to Rock Vegas but at the end of the Night the Crowd Rocked Corey as they sang back to his suprise the Title Track to his 1994 debut album Love Left. This is a Show Not to be Missed if you have the means and the Tour is stopping in a city near you don't hesitate and Go 4 It you won't be disappointed.

Eddy Locs -eddylocs @eddy_locs

June 17, 2017   
Venue: The Mystic Theatre
Location: Petaluma, CA

Corey Feldman & The Angels Angelic 2 The Core Heavenly Tour Review
Sat July 8, The Vogue, Indianapolis, IN 

By Gina Virgilio

I can honestly say this experience was the absolute best show I have ever seen!

The venue, The Vogue, was very nice, and the staff were friendly and helpful. The show started on time, and was flawlessly performed!
The lights dimmed, and a video began to play. In it was a list of all Corey's musical accomplishments, video clips, and more. It was a fantastic buildup to the show!

Corey blazed onto stage with energy, passion, and love for all of us watching. As the 1st song, "Ascension Millenium" began to play, you could feel the excitement build in the very air around us. I was fortunate to be standing directly in front of the stage, and was able to see and hear everything!

The entire show was electrifying, pulse-pounding, and dare I day life-changing!
Corey is so multi-talented. His singing is amazing, his dance moves on point and flawless, his ability to entertain undeniable! The beautiful Angels were also on fire last night. Angel Jackie sang her original song and played the keyboard beautifully. Angel Margot also sang an original song, also done amazingly well. The newest Angel WAILED on guitar with incredible skill and talent.

There was also a lot of love and emotion infused into the performance. The Michael Jackson tribute was my personal favorite moment of the show. Corey came out and danced to the beat of "Billie Jean", then went into a full version of "Man In The Mirror". He sang and danced to the song identically to the way Michael performed it. I became quite emotional and was holding back tears, I honestly FELT the spirit of Michael RIGHT THERE on stage with Corey, mirroring his every move. The moment the confetti snow came raining down was surreal. I was completely transfixed!

Corey's tribute song to the beloved Corey Haim, "Remember 222", was so full of love, respect, and good memories. The video played on with scenes from all of the movies the 2 played in together. Corey turned around to honor his best friend by also watching the video while singing.

The show was a perfect mix of original songs from the "Angelic 2 The Core" album, cover songs from his many films, and showcasing each individual Angel by sharing their talent with us. There was lights, confetti, and absolutely infectious singing along and dancing! My personal favorite song of Corey's is "Something In Your Eyes", the song he co-wrote with Michael Damien for the "Dream A Little Dream" soundtrack that didn't make it onto the album. It's a fantastic song!

I personally had a cool moment with Corey when he was on stage asking the audience what the name of the "Dream A Little Dream" sequel was. I, of course, shouted the answer "Dream A Little Dream 2".. (my 2 favorite movies) Corey pointed me out, and was saying how smart I was for knowing that, haha. He asked my name, and as soon as I said "Gina", he said "Yeah, Gina from Twitter! Everybody meet Gina from Twitter!" I was ecstatic! I did a mock bow to the crowd, and had some funny banter with Corey. Amazing!
I also did the meet and greet, which followed the show. We only had to wait about 20-30 min, to give Corey a much-deserved break! :) I was 2nd in line, and I came bearing a gift!

I got to the top of the stairs, and was about to show my ticket to security, when Corey yelled my name, "Gina! It's Gina!" I walked up like a boss, with Angel Darcy proclaiming "Gina! You're Twitter famous!" I was beaming with joy when I came to Corey's side. We discussed the show, and the previous show I attended for the mini-tour in Tremont, IL back in March. I then gave him his gift- a handmade mini-scrapbook, filled with pics of Corey, Courtney, his son, Zen, the Angels, and a special section highlighting his friendship with Corey Haim. It is also filled with positive, inspirational quotes and phrases. He looked at every page, and seemed to really like it! I then handed him a blank piece of paper to sign, explaining it is for a tattoo I'm getting soon. He offered to sign my arm, but I told him I was getting the tattoo in a couple weeks. We shared some more conversation as we prepared for the photo. He playfully pointed to me in the 1st one. We did a 2nd one because Angel Darcy said we should try again. I put my face close to his selfie-style, but then he grabbed my head and mashed his cheek into mine! Awesome! As I was preparing to leave, I asked if I could kiss him on the cheek, and he said "of course"! I happily did so, and thanked him and said I loved him as I happily walked away.

The best thing I could possibly tell people is to attend a show near them if they can, it is a Must See! I am incredibly fortunate to be a proud member of the #FeldFam, and have made many friends along the way- including Corey himself. Folks- I have to say again to please take a chance to watch this amazing man perform, and purchase a meet and greet ticket so you, too, can meet this phenomenal man!

            ~Dawn Clarkson~ 

Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC


Lasers, bubbles, confetti and Angels. The show was spectacular! I've been to one of the shows during the mini-tour, and, although it was an awesome show and i had a great time, this was even better. They had a little bit of a longer set and everything just seemed to run so smoothly. Corey was awesome with his interactions with the audience and his singing and dancing. The Angels sounded heavenly. And, I loved seeing their individual performances. 

I highly recommend going to see Corey and the Angels--you will NOT be disappointed.

I saw Corey, Courtney, Jackie and Margot at various times before the show and they were all happy that I could make it (I was having car troubles.) They treat me with such care and love as if I'm one of the family. They are such awesome people. And, of course, I talked with Corey after the show and he was very pleasant to talk to --as usual. 

Corey and Angels, always a pleasure. I look forward to seeing more shows.


~Dawn Clarkson~